Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Which films are better - Marvel or DC?

Forget the US election - THIS is one debate that has been going for yonks among us superhero geeks around the world. The different comic organisations have released arguably two of this best films separately this year, with both breaking box office records respectively. So I'm here to ask this: which films are better - Marvel or DC? Could Iron Man beat Batman in a fight?

Well let's weigh up the differences between the two. Marvel are quite fun films in my opinion - they do address the whole 'seriousness' of the whole superhero genre, but with added humor. For example, you must have all been in hysterics when the Hulk absolutely pummels the living daylights out of Loki in Avengers Assemble. That is something you wouldn't really see in a DC film. Let's take the fantastic Batman trilogy - they are gritty, serious and perhaps a little more believable than the Marvel films. The Marvel films are all great storylines, but some times, they may not be as believable as possibly Batman is. All of the Batman trilogy are fantastic with Christopher Nolan directing them all fantastically, with a stellar cast. Aside from Christian Bale as a great Batman, I give a lot of credit to Tom Hardy as Bane; that was a great villain in the final film. 

But you could argue that the only films holding DC up at the moment is the Batman trilogy - the other films that they have made have often been let-downs or not as good compared to what Marvel release. The Green Lantern for example; looked absolute amazing in the trailers but the actual film was a let down. Same for Superman Returns. The only films DC have been really releasing recently have been Batman, whereas Marvel you feel have released hundreds. 

I also love the cleverness of how the whole Avengers universe has been written into the recent films - starting back at Iron Man through to Captain America and Thor. It was very very clever done, and you have to give credit to the writers at Marvel. It meant that if you were a die-hard fan (like me), you could watch all of these films and then understand the whole concept and plot behind the Avengers. Brilliant. 

Plus, you get the feeling Marvel has a much bigger cult fan-base than DC do. Yes everyone loved Batman and I thought it was brilliant - but when you get Comic-Con come round the corner, how many people dress up as Batman? If people are cosplaying, it's usually always Marvel characters, and Marvel events. Like the Iron Man exhibit in San Diego this year, which then had the cast of Iron Man 3 onstage, including Mr Downey Jr himself. You get the feeling Marvel is more liked in that sense than Batman.

So who is better - Marvel or DC? In my opinion, I think Marvel just. If DC had released more films which are just as epic as the Batman trilogy, then I'd probably be saying DC. However with only really the Batman trilogy holding DC up, as epic as it is, I prefer Marvel for the amount of great movies they have released and how successful they are. As much as I like the grittiness you get from a Batman movie, I prefer the fun yet serious movies that Marvel always seem to produce. I also love how cleverly written the Avengers universe is - very well done. I have loved both films that were brought out this year by Marvel and DC, but I think Marvel just shaves it for me.

As always, I'd love to hear your opinions about this so I'd love everyone to write a comment underneath saying - Team Marvel or Team DC! Go go go!

PS. I'd also love to hear who you guys want to win the US election. I'm a Brit and doesn't really matter to me but would love to hear - so also leave a note in your comment saying Team Obama or Team Romney! Follow my friend nathangenese for his blog on Election day!

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