Monday, 19 November 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Apologises for the lack of posts recently - I'm afraid I've been 'snowed' under with all of my University assignments. Talking about 'snow' though, it kind of relates to this post. Yes people, I shall be talking about the best time of the year... Christmas!!

I'm sitting here, in November with my Christmas jammies on, watching Love Actually with my fairy lights which are meant for Christmas trees on. And yes, I have too already made a Christmas playlist full of my favourite songs - I've even sprayed my room with Christmas air freshener. I think you get the picture...

I LOVE CHRISTMAS. Everyone does surely? I mean what is there not to like?! When I was a child, like many of you I'm sure, the presents were really what sold Christmas to you, with Santa coming down the chimney and leaving a stocking and a present or two underneath the tree. It was wonderful. Yet now I'm getting older, I just love Christmas more for seeing my family. Most of my family I don't really see throughout the year, so Christmas is a time for all of us just to get together and celebrate Christmas as a family. That's what Christmas is about for me now.

And then of course, there is still the excitement of gifts... Well when your a big kid like me with a mental age of about 5 then you still going to be excited! I still have the butterflies in  my stomach the night before, every year without fail. Then there's the music, the decorations, the films, all of the awesome television on Christmas Day, the food... oh my goodness, do not even get me started on all of the amazing food. Everyone just has a lovely time with one another. It has to be the best time of the year.

Let's put it this year - Easter is celebrated as much anymore, particularly as you get older and like me, you don't want to eat as much chocolate. The rest of winter is dull after Christmas, Spring is just everything going all summery. Yes Summer is pretty awesome but let's face it... when do we EVER have a decent summer here in the UK? It just rains constantly! Sorry but not cool. Then Autumn is pretty dull then along comes Halloween, Bonfire night, Christmas and New Years Eve all in one go and it's just amazing. I seriously love this time of year; it makes me feel so happy.

Anyone who says it's too early - it's not! Nearly almost a month until Christmas now (wish that month would hurry up) and the Coca Cola advert has been on - so in my eyes, it's acceptable to be getting excited now about Christmas! So go on people, start listening to music and watching Christmas films - particularly if your in a bad mood, it really cheers you up! In the words of the Coca Cola advert, holidays are coming...

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