Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Four more years!

I'm currently writing this feeling extremely tired and struggling to stay awake in my university seminar. I'm armed with a flask of coffee to aid with staying awake and I didn't even stay up all night! But at least I can say it was worth it - yes Barack Obama has been re-elected by the people of the United States of America, and will spend four more years in term as President of the USA.

I, for one, am so happy that the people of America voted for the right man - to be honest, I think everyone this side of the pond wanted no-one but Obama to end up as President once more! I write this blog post in jubilation for American citizens all over the USA! Those who know me pretty well will know I am not a huge fan of politics, yet this election was so compelling. I stayed up until 2am watching the coverage on the BBC website, fully well knowing that I had to be up the following morning for an 11am start at university, yet I just couldn't turn it off! By the way, full credit to the Beeb - their live page for the election was fantastic, as was their live television coverage.

America, you have picked the right man for the job. No doubt about it. Obama has led you out of a war, whilst authorising the mission that killed one of the most wanted terrorists in the world at the time and he is slowly but surely rebuilding your country. Yes, unemployment may be at a high but there is optimism that he is the one to led America forward and make the next four years and beyond better for your country. I like the sound of 'Obamacare' and his financial policies to led your country's economic forward.

I mean, who would really want Mitt Romney as president!? His policies wouldn't have been the best for America, particularly with states rebuilding after Superstorm Sandy. And his comments on certain issues such as rapists having parental rights over their pregnant victims, and then facing the wrath of the whole of the United Kingdom by publicly stating that we weren't ready to hold the Olympics? I mea come on - how would the US people trust someone who made a certain number of gaffes and ill-timed comments during his campaign? Sorry Mitt, but I believe you were the one who was not ready. To be honest, if he had been elected, I would have just sat back and laughed at those silly people who would have voted him in whilst the USA would go to pot around him.

Yes Obama has still got a lot of work to do, and he acknowledges this. But his powerful speech at his victory rally in Chicago must give the American people a sense of hope that he can lead the most powerful country in the world forward and to the best of his ability for the next four years. I salute you Barack Obama, and congratulations on another term at The White House. Being across the pond, I obviously couldn't vote but our relation with your country is just as important so I will of course support him.

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