Thursday, 24 January 2013

The crazy world of Football

Ah Football. What a crazy world it has become; we've seen chickens and cats invade pitches before, we've seen fans run onto the pitch to attack players... but never have we seen a player sent off for kicking a ball-boy.

Yep, you red that right - last night during Chelsea's League Cup semi-final away against Swansea, midfielder Eden Hazard was sent off. Why? Because he kicked a ball-boy. Never has this happened in the beautiful game. This could quite possibly be the most bizarre sending off ever to occur on the pitch, but I feel Chris Foy had no option but to send Hazard to an early bath. I mean, the ball-boy didn't help matters; he decided to lay on the ball, prompting Hazard to try poke at it with his foot. A swift little kick and the boy was sent sprawling, chaos erupting. Both were in the wrong - the ball-boy should have just returned the ball, Hazard should have kept a clear head.

But it is downright bizarre, and it's not the only bizarre sending off the game has seen.

Eric Cantona - Eric 'the King' Cantona was not so high and mighty during a game between Crystal Palace and Manchester United. Cantona was already being sent off for kicking out at Palace defender Richard Shaw, and decide to launch 'kung-fu' style at Palace fan Matthew Simmons. This resulted in a 8 month ban for Cantona, and him almost quitting United.

Kieron Dyer and Lee Bowyer - A very bizarre incident between the then team-mates; Newcastle were nearing the end of a 3-0 thrashing at home by Aston Villa, when a brawl broke out between the pair, causing stunned team-mates and opposition players to seperate them. Dyer was banned for three matches, whilst Bowyer was banned for four - it was judged he had been the aggressor. Not sure how they figured that one out.

Arsene Wenger - during Arsenal's 2-1 defeat at Manchester United back in 2008, Arsene Wenger was seen gleefully celebrating what he thought was an equalising goal by Robin Van Persie - which was then disallowed. Of course outraged, Arsene decides to vent his anger by kicking a water bottle, who is promptly sent to the stands by ref Mike Dean. For kicking a water bottle. Oh deary me.

Esteban Alvarado - AZ Alkmaar goalkeeper Esteban Alvarado was sent off for kicking a fan that tried to attack him. An Ajax fan ran onto the pitch whilst the two sides were contesting a last-16 tie in the Dutch Cup and attempted to kick the keeper - only for Esteban to trip the offender up and land a few kicks himself. Despite protesting his innocence, the ref showed the goalkeeper the red card and in pure anger, AZ Alkmaar's manager ordered his players off the field, resulting in the game being abandoned.

Oh the wonderful and crazy world of Football.

Your thoughts? Remember any other bizarre sending offs? Drop a comment below if you may!

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