Friday, 8 February 2013

Les Miserables review

Review time! 

So in between my rather busy schedule recently, I (of course) just had to make time to see Les Miserables hit the big screen and I'll tell you simply now - I was blown away. 

Here's the trailer before, and caution - there are spoilers beyond it...

So I'll make a little confession before I start... Before I went and watched this film, I actually hadn't seen Les Mis before. I KNOW, I'M SORRY! But like most people, I had of course heard the majority of the songs and I had watched a little bit of my Mum's tenth anniversary DVD with her. But that was all my knowledge of Les Miserables expanded to.

So for my first time ever seeing Les Mis all the way through, I can tell you now I loved every second of it. I found the story was relatively easy to follow - probably a little easier than I may have done on the stage. Although the ending is sad (incredibly sad may I add), I left the cinema so happy because I was just blown away by what I had just watched; no wonder it has been nominated for so many awards, and any award it does win, will be fully deserved.

The cast was a stellar, blockbuster cast that you'd expect with a big film such as this, easily one of the many anticipated films to come out recently. Hugh Jackman was wonderful as the lead of Jean Valjean, displaying his versatility and talent within not just his singing voice, but also his acting. It was a wonderful performance; however, I feel that Jackman didn't have the best voice of the cast. I'd give this award to Eddie Redmayne, though I suppose it's hardly surprising with Redmayne having ample experience on the Broadway and West End. But his voice was to perfection, and I felt Redmaybe played Marius wonderfully - this performance has definitely proved he is one to look out for in the future. The women of the cast were equally as fantastic - Anne Hathway's rendition of 'I Dreamed A Dream' was beautiful enough to give anyone goosebumps, and Amanda Seyfried displayed her singing talent very well, despite having a lesser role. Even Helen Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen were hiliarious as the Thenardiers, a wonderfully cast pairing.

I mean, even Russell Crowe wasn't bad! I thought his singing voice was not too shabby at all - his performance of Javert was actually one of my favourite performances in the film, displaying the ruthless and cold persona you'd expect from his character. He and Jackman worked together very well, the relationship between their characters was very well exploited. So before you slate him, please take a look at the video underneath and remind yourselves of Pierce Bronson 'singing' in Mamma Mia.

Just so I thought.

Full credit must go to the producers and the director, Brit Tom Hooper, for the wonderful cinematography provided throughout the entire film. The beginning scene with the prisoners pulling the ship, to the ending scene with the entire cast who had deceased in the film singing "Do You Hear The People Sing?". Just stunning.

Rating out of 10 - I'd give it 9/10. I really couldn't find any flaws to this masterpiece and I for one, will be hoping it sweeps the board at the BAFTA's on Sunday. Bravo! 

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