Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Trailer reviews!

My humblest apologises for not writing sooner for you wonderful people - it turns out this year, I actually have to quite a lot of university work so I've had to dedicate a lot of my free time to completing these assignments. But guess what - I HAVE DONE ALL OF MY ASSIGNMENTS! *cue me running around my room punching the air in delight* So now, I shall hopefully be back on track with some blogs for you all in the upcoming weeks - wooo! (unless you've forgotten about me, then erm... that'll be awkward.)

Anywho, a couple of film trailers have been released and have caught my eye; so this post is my reviews on the trailers for Man of Steel and Oblivion.

1. Man of Steel
So if your into your Superhero action, this is definitely the movie for you - DC Comics are releasing this film in an attempt to re-boot the Superman franchise. Haven't seen the trailer? Take a look below...

I have to say - this film does look very promising. I know I do prattle on about this, but I just get the feeling DC had to release something to keep up with the Marvel steam train and the success that Avengers had; even though The Dark Knight Rises was also one of the films of the year by far. But you can't just have one film holding a company up, and I think this film has the potential to do very well indeed. When I first heard about DC re-booting the Superman franchise and almost starting over with a new film, I was a tad skeptical. But it really does look rather impressive - the action, the graphics... Plus the fact Christopher Nolan is the producer of this film is sure to bode well. The cast looks promising too - Henry Cavill looks the part as Superman, with the strong jaw and the handsome looks Superman should have. But the supporting cast also catch my eye - I for one think Kevin Costner is a fantastic actor and I'm already looking forward to how his role as Clark Kent's father Jonathan progresses throughout the story. I also like the idea of how it will be portraying Superman's origin, thus taking the story right back to the beginning. 
If the trailer is anything to go by, then I feel this film can really give Iron Man 3 a running for it's money next year.

2. Oblivion
Now this movie to me looks very interesting - starring Tom Cruise as Jack Harper, who is a drone repairman on Earth, one of the less remaining after a war with a out of Space threat - who then has the fate of humanity laying in his old hands. Sounds interesting to you? Have a peek at the trailer below for more...

I quite like sci-fi/action films, so this really looked interesting to me; it's slightly different to your average sci-fi film.  Yes, I know Tom Cruise is pretty much in the same film caterogy all of the time, but there's a reason why for that - because he's so bad-ass in this genre. It really does look pretty decent, and  I like all of the action that's in it; I'm intrigued to find out more about it and actually go and watch the film when it comes out (which means the trailer production techs have done their job well.) I like the whole concept of it - you get the feel this may be a solid film and the action will be well supported, particularly in IMAX. The supporting cast again is also stellar - just the name of Morgan Freeman is enough to say that, and the fact that it was directed and produced by the writer of the comic this film is based on - Joseph Kosinski - will also bode well, so then maybe, the film will just how the actual writer would like it. 

Well there you have it - two rather promising trailers for two films which I think will do well next year. Both different in their unique ways, but both seem highly interesting and exciting. Man of Steel is out on the 14th of June and Oblivion is out on the 12th of April in IMAX next year, then a week later in normal cinemas.

What do you guys think? Drop a comment below and let me know!  
Also a quick head's up - I'm in New York from Thursday until Monday and I will be writing a post about it when I'm back. But would you guys like to see a vlog from the trip? Let me know what you think please!

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