Thursday, 11 October 2012

ADELE's Skyfall - a Bond classic?

A song is always needed for every James Bond film. With the release of Daniel Craig's third film as the MI6 spy and 23rd installment of the franchise 'Skyfall', who and what would it be?

It first leaked on the internet before being officially released. She tweeted the world a picture of the score, after months of speculation. But here it is - the new Bond theme song "Skyfall" by none other than ADELE.

It has taken the world by storm - everyone seems to be talking about this one song (this and Gangnam Style). But the question that needs answering - is this a Bond classic?

Earlier this week, I conducted an audio vox bop in the streets of Southampton, asking the members of the public what their opinion was on this song. The majority was mainly positive - this coupled with how it rocked to the top of the charts whether hours of officially releasing suggested just as much. Adele is also seen as the country's sweetheart - one passerby even said that Adele could do "no wrong in her eyes." A popular choice it seems for the artist. And for the song?

Well it's typically Bond. If you ignore the dire "Another Way to Die" by American musicians Alicia Keys and Jack White, you get a sense that the song really goes back to how Bond used to be. The powerful instrumental just reminds of the old classic Bond song that used to be produced; I believe this has particularly captured the minds of the British public. We haven't really had a Bond song like this for a while - past Bond songs such as "You Know My Name" by Chris Cornell did work with Casino Royale with the rock edge in his voice with guitars. Then you have "Die Another Day"  by Madonna - a typically modern song which didn't quite feel like a James Bond song.

Then you have Adele. Wonderful Adele. She is loved throughout the world, and we are proud to say she is British - who else better to have for a Bond song? Her distinctive yet strong voice goes well with the instrumental, really providing a strong song. You get a sense the lyrics (as always with Adele) portray the meaning of the song so well. It's different to her other songs in a way but it's good - it's a great combination.

Whether it's a classic or not? Only time will tell I believe. It has potential - I think it depends on the success of the actual film itself too. If it's an excellent Bond film and one people will remember then I think the song will stick; it definitely can become a classic over time. It's too early now to say if it'll be on the same par as "Goldfinger" or "Live and Let Die", but maybe one day. It is definitely a very good James Bond song, and if the film as good as the song, then boy, we are in for a treat!

'Skyfall' starring Daniel Craig is out in UK cinemas from the 26th of October and US cinemas from the 9th of November.

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